About Us

Capturing the essence of a moment. Being able to look at an image and say: “Wow, that’s cool!” This is what motivates me to take photos. Sunsets and landscapes were my main focus when starting out with film and a fully manual SLR.
These days, skydiving photography is my main focus; filming teams, large formation events and boogies. Known as “Spot” in the skydiving world. I’ve had the privilege of representing Australia at the World Parachuting Championships in 2016 and 2018. An opportunity presented itself to fly camera for the 45way formation demonstration team at the World Fly In Expo 2017,  in Wuhan, China.  Flying with some of the worlds best skydivers, was an amazing experience, although quite challenging conditions in which to capture excellent images.
I particularly enjoy “Outside, outside camera”. That is; the opportunity to film a team and their camera flyer. Team camera flyers are rarely filmed. It is fantastic to be able to tell more of the story by including the camera flyer in an image.
I’m always looking for opportunities to film in different locations. If you have an event or project that needs professional quality images, don’t hesitate to contact me.